AC Maintenance

Secure Your Comfort with Regular Maintenance

Air conditioning is more a necessity than a luxury for every business. A well-maintained air conditioner ensures constant comfort while creating a productive, stress-free work environment.

Regular maintenance helps keep your commercial air conditioning systems running efficiently. My Home Comfort provides professional AC maintenance and repair services to commercial businesses that help save money and secure the comfort of your customers and employees.

At My Home Comfort, we understand your business resources and customers are a vital source of revenue. That is why we have only certified and trained technicians to keep your equipment up and running at peak efficiency. All our technicians pass through intensive technical training to be able to effectively diagnose and repair air conditioning units of all makes and models.

Our routine and annual maintenance programs are designed to test the performance of your AC unit using advanced tools and testing equipment while adjusting your AC controls to industry recommended settings to operate seamlessly.

Here’s how you can benefit from our commercial air conditioning maintenance:

  • A well-maintained AC will consume less energy and thus produce lower utility bills.
  • Our regular maintenance and repair program provides your system with an improved lifespan.
  • Regular maintenance will help identify and prevent potential faults and breakdowns to save your business money and time.

A professional visit by our technician involves:

  • A thorough inspection of your system – to check the components of your AC for normal wear and tear and faults.
  • A thorough system diagnostics check – to check your system for leaks and errors and fix them in order to ensure appropriate and safe function of your AC unit.
  • Maintenance and repair – to prevent unexpected breakdowns, potential damage and high repair bills

By identifying and addressing issues in your air conditioning before they result in stressful system failure and costly repairs, we prevent your business from loss of quality air, wasted energy and an uncomfortable working environment.