Commercial Ac

Leading the Commercial Air Conditioning industry

Commercial sites, be it a small school building or a large-scale warehouse, require air conditioning as much as residential properties do. Ensuring a continuous supply of cool air in offices, factories, restaurants and other commercial properties remains an inevitable prospect that significantly impacts the performance of employees and workers.

My Home Comfort is a commercial air conditioning specialist. Delivering world-class air conditioning systems to commercial applications Ontario wide for over a decade now, we have become a reliable yet preferred choice for most commercial businesses.

Winning over customers with quality products and services

At My Home Comfort, our aim is to drive total customer satisfaction from each purchase. With this objective in mind, we are able to supply and maintain high quality air conditioning systems.

Our engineers and field experts have extensive knowledge and in-depth experience in the design and installation of all kinds of air conditioning equipment. That is why we are able to efficiently install, maintain and repair equipment from small, single A/C units to large rooftop systems for commercial places, medical establishments, industrial buildings, laboratories and warehouses.

In addition to top-notch air conditioners and installations, we specialise in air conditioning maintenance and equipment repairs. No matter the make and model of your AC unit, we can leverage our field expertise and experience to provide you with a cost effective maintenance solution based on the condition of your system and the installed environment.

Moreover, we offer planned yet customised preventive maintenance packages to not inspect your AC unit for normal wear and tear and faults but also service your system to perform at peak efficiency and prevent potential breakdowns while extending the life of your AC.

Here’s how you can benefit from our air conditioning products and services:

  • A comprehensive assortment of air conditioning units suitable for almost every commercial application.
  • A thorough in-house inspection to come up with the best solution possible
  • Tailored solutions to suit your specific requirements
  • Hassle- free installation
  • Excellent ongoing support and customer service
  • Access to trained and licensed service technicians
  • Use of cutting-edge technologies and tools for seamless service