Furnace Maintenance

Stay Comfortable Always with Expert Commercial Furnace Maintenance

Is your corporate environment freezing? Do your employees always seek time to go out of workplace atmosphere to warm up?

You might not realise that but an unkept, ineffective heating system is likely to affect the performance of your employees and overall business productivity. Every business regardless of its nature and size requires creating a warm and comfy setting for its employees to work efficiently and clients to do business with them.

My Home Comfort offers commercial heating system upkeep solutions that ensure a constantly pleasant atmosphere within your commercial property. With trained and qualified furnace technicians, we are able to design a maintenance solution for your furnace system that works best with your commercial heating needs.

Low Heating Bills Are no longer a dream!

If you own a commercial space, we assume you know the importance of having a well-maintained heating system. Our professional commercial furnace maintenance ensures that your unit operates efficiently and safely while prevent potential risks like mechanical breakdowns, business downtime and health issues due to improper temperatures.

Regular Commercial Furnace Maintenance Program

Treating your commercial furnace system to regular cleaning and maintenance allows you to maintain the effectivity of the system and keep your utility bills reasonable.

Our regular commercial furnace maintenance program includes:

  • Inspection of the system for leaks, blockages and other mechanical issues
  • Cleaning of all filters within the system
  • Restoring the function of faulty components
  • Repairs and replacements, if required

Annual Professional Commercial Furnace Maintenance

Scheduling an annual commercial furnace maintenance visit from our service professionals will ensure your system is in top working order throughout the season.

Our annual commercial furnace maintenance program involves:

  • A thorough inspection of the unit including all its components
  • A professional system cleaning
  • Adjustment of functions and controls, if required
  • A complete safety check

With annual furnace maintenance by our professionals, common heating or mechanical issues can be detected and addressed before they put the safety of your business at risk.

When it comes to commercial heating, never skip on your furnace cleaning and maintenance. Smallest of faults can undermine the overall function of your unit and threaten the safety of your employees and business.

Call us today to have our technician inspect your furnace system and suggest an optimal maintenance solution for your business.