Industries Served

My Home Comfort has been operating as a reliable HVAC service provider in Canada for over a decade. All these years of serving air conditioning and heating needs of clients from diverse sectors, we have created a strong network of happy recurrent customers and a reputation for offering excellent service regardless of the industry and needs.

With a proactive approach to HVAC service and a certified, committed team of industry experts at hand, My Home Comfort delivers customer satisfaction and profitability in every project we take on.

We cater mainly to almost all industries in residential and commercial sectors. Areas we have served in the past include:

  • Healthcare and medical establishments
  • IT corporations
  • Residential Buildings
  • Real Estate
  • Factories
  • Hotels, restaurants and resorts
  • Schools, educational institutions and universities.
  • Private businesses

If your industry or sector isn’t listed here, don’t panic, we can still serve you as long as your needs concern commercial air conditioning and heating.

Call a service expert at My Home Comfort to know about our services and seek bespoke solutions for your HVAC requirements.