HVAC Packages

Extending Comfort Across Canada For Over A Decade

My Home Comfort has been serving the heating and air conditioning needs of industrial customers Canada-wide since 2004. Over all these years of working in the HVAC industry, we have built a reputation for providing expert installations and professional service. With qualified technicians and field experts on our team, you can count on our highly trained staff to help you create and maintain a comfortable and safe indoor environment year-round.

Every home or business needs an efficient HVAC system to deal with natural climate changes and ensure comfort in their respective environment. My Home Comfort works to maintain your indoor temperatures and take the discomfort out of your environment.

We understand the installation of a suitable HVAC system alone won’t help your meet your AC and heating needs year-round. These systems need regular maintenance, repair & replacement if required in order to run smoothly and safely for an expected period of time.

Therefore, we have designed special HVAC packages for our customers to ensure seamless operation of their HVAC system while keeping their energy costs to a minimum.

Sure-fire Benefits to regularly scheduled maintenance include:

  • Extended life of your HVAC system
  • Consistent comfort
  • Reduced energy costs thus reduced stress
  • Improved air quality
  • Reduced chances of sudden breakdown and failures.

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