Rental Program

Bring in Peace of Mind with Reliable Water Heater Solutions

It’s not just the cost of purchase that one has to consider when buying a new water heater. There are additional costs of regular maintenance and occasional repairs that come to many water heater owners as a major expense on their monthly budget.

To help such home owners enjoy the benefits of an efficient water heater without having to face outrageous repair costs and maintenance hassles, My Home Comfort offers quality water heater rental solutions.

Why Buy When You Can Rent a Water Heater and Ensure Constant Comfort

My Home Comfort Rental Program is designed to make your life more convenient. Our rental program combines two essential things: quality products and reliable customer service. Through our rental service, we provide you access to one of our cutting-edge water heating systems without having to bear the significant cost of purchasing and installing a new unit along as well as additional repair costs.

Each unit that is covered under our rental facility stands for superior quality and is optimized for high performance and durability. In case your rental unit breaks down, one of our certified repair professionals will visit your site to inspect the equipment and to fix it promptly.

So, whether you choose an electric heater or a gas model, all you have to pay is the competitive monthly rental rates. Should there be any need for repair and replacement, we have got your covered.