Furnace Repair Service

Leave Your Furnace Repairs to Industry Experts

Call us for a free consultation, absolutely no obligation necessary.

We ONLY charge you $65 for a site visit to check your furnace system.

Are you experiencing any of the following issues?

  • Is your furnace making strange noises?
  • Do you feel that your furnace is not performing up to standard?
  • Is your furnace turned on but hot air is not blowing out?
  • Have you and your family been feeling sick?
  • Is the air in your home dry or dusty?
  • Do you think that the thermostat is not working properly?
  • Does it seem like your heating bill keeps going up?

Call us today for a no obligation free consultation.  If you need us to come in and check, we ONLY charge $65 for a site visit.  Majority of the times, it’s just a small repair which might cost a lot less.  Always keep in mind that an early diagnostic and repair can save hundreds of dollars in the future.  Our certified technicians are experts at Furnace diagnostic and repair, we also provide fast and honest service to all our customers.

So, your furnace broke down and got you up in the middle of the chilling night.

Just when you are bothered with the thought that it may take a while to get your broken heating equipment repaired, call My Home Comfort.

Emergencies don’t just happen 9am-5pm. That is why we are available 24/7.

At My Home Comfort, we understand that home is supposed to be the most comfortable place for any individual in the world, be it a kid or an old adult. We also understand how distressing it can be to not feel relaxed and comfortable in your own home. Understanding this fact leads us to deliver our clients reliable round-the-clock repair service that offers total peace of mind in extreme situations.

Have a good night’s sleep and rest worry-free knowing that:

  • Our certified furnace technicians are on hand to assist you anytime of the day or night.
  • My Home Comfort has a great network of furnace repair technicians that serve different areas in Canada, which helps us reach you in a jiffy no matter your location.
  • Our live customer care staff is on standby around the clock so that you can tell someone reliable about your emergency and get help right when you need.
  • Immediate repairs and service don’t cost a fortune at My Home Comfort. Our technicians will diagonose your equipment and verify estimate costs before the repair work is started. No surprises, no hidden costs.
  • You never have to pay additional charges for after hour services, be it the weekend or a holiday.
  • Our trained technicians can fix your heating system regardless of its make and model.

Even a minor mechanical error in your furnace or a little waiting can quickly add to strain on other components in the system, affecting the function of the entire equipment and jeopardizing your health and safety.

So, if you are stuck in a furnace emergency, know that our helpful staff is a call away.

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