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New energy efficient Goodman furnace installation starting from $2350.  Call us for more details, we’re here to help you no matter what!  We have all the latest furnace brands at the lowest prices, call us today for a free consultation,  no obligation at all.

Even the best of heating systems can’t provide you with the comfort you expect if they’re improperly set up in the first place.  Buying an efficient furnace is only the first step. Proper installation and fitting is paramount to ensure the best function of your system. Besides delivering quality heating systems for residential and commercial applications, My Home Comfort offers expert furnace installation service for almost all kinds of furnace models.

Furnace Rebates

Qualify for $1600 back with the home Energy Conservation Program.  Install two or more eligible energy efficiency upgrades to qualify for $1600 back.  Ask our consultants for more details or click on the following link to learn more about the program.


If you’re replacing an existing furnace, you can qualify for $250 incentive.  Please call and speak with our consultants for more details, no obligation.  You can also click on the following link to learn more about this program.


A quick rundown on what you can expect from our furnace installation service:

A spotless job

Installation works can leave a lot of mess behind to clean, but not with our careful staff. With useful tools like shoe covers and drop cloths, we protect your home from dirt and mess that usually made during the process.

Safety assurance

We have certified professionals who are highly trained in furnace installation. All our technicians are aware of fundamental safety standards, which they strictly adhere to in order to ensure a safe and accurate installation process.

Start to finish

Before we leave your home, an instant quality control assessment is done post installation process just to confirm that the newly installed heating equipment is working the right way.

No, it is not a DIY job.

You may be a techie or have a keen interest in machines and equipment, but that doesn’t make furnace installation a convenient DIY for you.

Accurate furnace installation calls for advanced technical knowledge and practice. So, it is advisable to leave your furnace installation only to licensed professionals who have the right skills for the job.

To meet your home heating requirements or clear any other doubt about our installation service, call us now.

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