Water Heaters

Water heating systems are one of most significant equipment we utilise in our daily lives for our hot water needs.

My Home Comfort brings a huge spectrum of water heating systems for both residential and commercial applications, which are optimised for high efficiency and low power consumption.

Here’s a quick rundown of the water heating solutions you can enjoy at My Home Comfort.

Owning Vs Renting

Both buying a new water heater and renting one come with their share of benefits, making it difficult to pick between the two options.

Experts at My Home Comfort first understand your needs and counsel you into making an informed yet fruitful decision for your water heating requirement.

Water Heater Specials

We make it even easier for our customers to enjoy a warm shower with our special pricing.

Discounted products, special buys and freebie offers are available on our site on a weekly or monthly basis. Keep visiting to grab the best deal for your needs.

Water Heater Installation

Installing a water heater appropriately is as important as picking and buying the right system to get the most benefit from the equipment.

Professionals at My Home Comfort employ advanced techniques and tools to set up your equipment properly so that it operates at peak efficiency.

Water Heater Repair

Have a water heater but still no hot water?

With years of experience in repairing and maintaining water heating systems, our trained technicians are capable of fixing a wide range of water heaters from electric units to oil-fired systems.

Water Heater Maintenance

Regular maintenance not only ensures the long life of your water heating system but save you money in the log-run while ensuring a safe shower experience for you and your family.

Starting with a through safety inspection, our technicians check your water heating unit for mechanical failure and operation while reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and high utility bills.

Water Heater Warranty

All the products and services at My Home Comfort are backed by the added security of our warranty.

We have an extensive network of technicians and support staff that are always on hand to guide you through the warranty claim process and ensure proper operation and maintenance of your water heater.