AC Specials


Receive up to $650 in incentives when you participate in the heating and cooling program.

Get started today and you could save up to $325 a in energy costs when you upgrade to ENERGY STAR certified heating and cooling systems.*

You can receive $250 in incentive when you install an ENERGY STAR qualified central air conditioning system.*

You can receive $400 in incentive when you install a more efficcient stand-alone CEE “TIER 2” level central air conditioning system.*

Making Comfort More Affordable For You

Whether it is buying a new air conditioning system or repairing an existing one, costs involved in purchase and maintenance of air conditioners can be a big expense for some home owners.

Fortunately, you’ve got My Home Comfort special offers to cover your hefty expenses and take stress out of your mind.

At My Home Comfort, we strive to make every expense associated with your air conditioning system an investment. That is why we have several offers and discount programs designed to support your regular maintenance and repair costs and provide you with comfort and satisfaction in the long run.

Maintenance Programs

Have full peace of mind knowing that your regular AC maintenance will not require you to break the bank. We offer maintenance checks a year to our recurrent customers as part of our Ultimate Savings Program to support their expenses. Call us today to check your eligibility for a maintenance program.


Even a small price cut on your purchase can make your day. We’ve got you a number of discount coupons related to different air conditioning units and services that can will help you save thousands on your service bill.

Refer for a reward

How about you tell a friend about our products and service and we offer you a reward for your customer loyalty.

At My Home Comfort, we are always delighted to hear from a new customer that we are a recommended choice. To show our gratitude to those who do not hesitate to recommend us, we offer a special referral program. Mentioned below are some points you must consider when recommending a friend.

  • Both you and the referral must have an air conditioner purchased from or installed by My Home Comfort.
  • Our referral program excludes installation or repair of small components within an air conditioner such as thermostats, humidifiers, electronic air cleaners and more.

To know more about our referral programs and eligibility criteria, give us a call.

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