Furnace Warranty

Our Heating Warranty Plans Will Back You Up

At My Home Comfort, we understand how frustrating unexpected furnace breakdowns can be. Finding a reliable partner when something goes wrong in the heating system in the middle of the night is just a painful experience, which we don’t want any of our clients to go through. And so we bring to you industry-leading warranty plans that cover your stressful furnace breakdowns and emergencies.

Stay worry-free because we have got you covered

Mechanical failures and breakdowns are unexpected and costly. If not fixed in time, even a minor fault in the smallest of the furnace components can malfunction other parts of the system leading to a complete breakdown.

Our protection plans provide mechanical parts and labour coverage for your heating system to help you avoid expensive repair costs when your system breaks down unexpectedly.

No matter the day and time, should your furnace break down, we will back you up with the same day service. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll be at your door before anyone else.

A basic breakdown warranty coverage at My Home Comfort entitles you to:

  • Round the clock customer support
  • Unlimited number of customer service and support calls
  • Access to a team of qualified, trained and licensed technicians
  • Hassle-free same day service
  • Weekend/holiday/after-hour repair service with no extra costs

Enjoy full peace of mind while you use your heating system with our warranty coverage and have your furnace working for years.

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