Water Heater warranty

Reliable Warranty Coverage for Maximum Protection

Regular use of water heating systems can undermine its function and reduce the efficiency of the system. Also, dirt and grease may accumulate within your water heater over time and affect the function of varied components leading to high utility bills.

While small faults aren’t much of a concern and can be fixed easily in minutes, intricate mechanical breakdowns may call for replacement of varied parts of a water heating system resulting in costly repairs.

Keeping high costs of mechanical repairs and replacements in mind, we offer industry leading warranties to add extra comfort to your life. All our products are backed by a limited warranty assuring you of continued function of your equipment as well as long-term satisfaction.

No Hassle, All Comfort Standard Warranty

All our water heating systems carry a limited warranty on all functional components irrespective of their make and model. While most units in our selection feature an outstanding 5-year limited all-parts warranty, some key components such as heat exchanger may come with a longer limited warranty.

Should any of other major components, in addition to heat exchanger, like coil and compressor fails during the warranty coverage period, you can get a replacement for the same free of cost.

To know about warranty coverage on your product, check the Warranty Certificate, look for product details in the product description or simply call us for required information.

*Please note that terms and conditions apply to every type of warranty we offer on our products.

Extend your warranty, Prolong your comfort

With the intention of providing our customers with an uninterrupted supply of hot water and a hassle-free experience, we also offer extended warranty coverage packages on certain products. To know if your system covers extended warranty, talk to our customer support team.

Whether your water heating system requires preventative maintenance to avoid potential failures or needs a corrective repair to restore the lost function, with our warranty coverage you can rest assured of the maximum function continuity and minimum downtime.

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